Cryptographics is a visual communication agency with two missions.The first one is to educate people so they can invest, connect and engage in this exciting new industry. Understanding blockchain, bitcoin and cryptocurrency without a background in finance, computer science, economy or game theory is pretty hard. That’s why we create infographics to visualize complex data and information about crypto and make it easy to understand.

The second one is to bridge the gap between crypto and design. We help startups to engage their audience whether those are investors listening to a presentation or, followers on social media who want to keep up-to-date with the project.

Jonathan Willems


Jonathan is a 24 year old who has graduated as a bachelor in sport and movement sciences @ the Howest university of applied sciences in Bruges, Belgium. As an intern at Sund (expert in stadium experiences) he developed a passion for marketing and design. This in combination with his other passion, blockchain technology which he discovered in 2016, he decided to start his own company ‘Cryptographics’.

Julien Kerknawi


Julien is a 24 year old Belgian director. He made a short movie ‘a broken man’ which got shown at different film festivals and recieved a prize in Texas. He has also created commercials for BMW and other big companies.

Gent Belgium